This is not next midi file player or editor. This is program for home midi sequencing with midi keyboard and joystick emulating midi controllers. You can split your keyboard into two parts and play on different channels of midi capable devices (soundcards, external synthesizer), tune it to music etc.
Now it can also synchronize melodical sequencer tracks to chords on thirst part of keyboard
It has been written with KDE-3 and requires:
- threading
- working /dev/sequencer 14,1 (oss)
- and optionally joystick device /dev/js0

and of course midi keyboard, X, KDE-3 etc.

Any help on musical knowledge about harmony:
- chords
- detecting key

or in programing
will be greatly appreciated

- better timer for sequencer
- improved recordings of event via midi keyboard in sequencer
- recording sesion to midi file to edit in any editor
- importing midi tracks to sequencer tracks

- harmonizer
- choosing chords from helper
- better synchronizing melodical tracks with midi-in events
now it can only get lowest note from chords played on keyboard part 1

- instalable distributions rpm etc.
- parameters: colors,synth settings,banks,joy settings
- other drivers (alsa, maybe win)

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